And now, on to the zoo

It's springtime and zoo time in Rhode Island, so I've moved south from Pawtucket and have begun digging into the history of Roger Williams Park Zoo (where the hopefully fertile Alice awaits another chance at motherhood). Larry, god bless him, furnished me with a lead to the most heartwarming story yet, pachyderm wise.

In 1893, the children of Providence presented a baby elephant to the zoo. It was a little critter and won everyone's heart. Poems were written on the day he was presented there. Songs were sung. Pictures were taken, and a fab time was had by all. How can this not be part of the doc?

On another front, I have an appointment scheduled to talk with Eclipse Neilsen, the sanctuary advocate for Fanny back in 1993 (hmmmmm- a mere one hundred years later) and what's she's told me already is enough to set my ears wiggling. I can hardly wait to meet her.

My posts get a bit shorter these days, because I've been wondering if it's wise to share everything I learn before I've had time to digest it thoroughly myself and put it in context. In other words, are musings actionable????

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