I'm beginning to see the light

I spent a lot of time going through my Pawtucket research the other day and thinking about how this movie is going to look when it's done and on the screen at the Academy Awards. Now, I must see about 100 docs a year, and I'm always fascinated at how many ways there are to tell a story on screen. I have (of course) my preferences as to watching them, but just as I feel I have the structure nailed, someone works a story that explodes my mind and I store it away for pilfering at the appropriate moment.

As I say, I was reading my notes and photocopies and I started to hear some voices in my head. Not the "Go and smite thine enemies" kind of voice, but the kind you might hear in my particular film. I heard layered voices, ambient sound, elephant cries, etc., with music, though the pictures weren't as clear as I might want. How to do this? Where to go from here?

More later...

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