The latest from Uproar

It's been a dizzy autumn for Uproar in Pawtucket!
We premiered the film at the Pawtucket in two viewings at Pawtucket Public Library, to 80 people.
The paparazzi were there and the crowd enthusiastically welcomed both cast and crew.
After the showings, representatives from two film festivals joined us and asked us to submit Uproar to their events.
That led us to be the opening night film at the Pawtucket Arts Festival Film Festival on Sept. 28th- just a week after the previews. Most of the audience there were filmmakers and they had a lot of good questions about the making of and where we would go from there.
Jamestown Arts Center, which is a pre-screener for the RI International Film Festival, has also asked for a copy of the film.
We've worked really hard on Uproar and I'm proud to say that people seem to get a lot out of the film. The hardest part was to balance all viewpoints- of both those people who loved her and wanted her to stay in Pawtucket, and those who saw her suffering and worked to get her out.
So I think Uproar has a lot to say about wild animals, separation, activism, and love. That's why we sometimes call it- "How do you Love an Elephant?" If you know of any place that would love to screen this film and pay a stipend, please let us know! We'll try our best to be there!


Tomorrow's the day

Tomorrow's the premiere Day for Uproar in Pawtucket.
The Providence Journal touted it in today's news.
Read all about it at-




This is the big week!
We're premiering Uproar in Pawtucket; the Story of Fanny the Elephant at the Pawtucket Public Library at high noon.

All the glitterati and our supporters will be there and the paparazzi are lined up for the event.
Be there or be square- even out of staters are flying and driving in!
We have copies of Uproar available as well as some copies of The Ballad of Baby Roger for those who haven't picked theirs up yet. At $10 a pop, they're quite a deal.
It's been a long haul, and I know there are some people who didn't get in touch and would have liked to add their stories to Fanny's film- but all is not lost for them.
I'm working on the book that includes a lot of stuff I couldn't fit into the film, and if anyone wants to contact me with more info, this would be the time to do it.
But for now, I'd like to focus on thanking the cast, crew, and supporters who made the film possible, and hope to see you all at Pawtucket Library (13 Summer St. Pawtucket) on Saturday.


more publicity

Today the Rhode Island Council on the Humanities promoted Fanny's premiere!
They were the ones that funded my initial research for "Elephants in RI", so they have a stake in letting everyone know about what;'s coming up!
Also, PBS RI has expressed interest in airing Uproar when we've got it tweaked to their specifications.
I saw the latest cleaned-up edit of it today, and am really happy. Just a few more tweaks and we'll be ready to roll.
I hope to see everyone at the premiere, Sat. Sept.22, at high noon (or 2PM).



It's unbelievable how fast time goes...
Here are the latest updates from "Uproar in Pawtucket".
We have a composer, Joe Rizzo, who has scored the film and we're tweaking it on the timeline as we speak.
The final versions of the film are being reviewed!
We're scheduling the premiere for September 22, which is National Elephant Appreciation Day.
It will be at Pawtucket Public Library in Pawtucket, RI at noon!
We're hoping to contact everyone who has been a part of this film to express our appreciation.
More as things develop


UPdate and good news

So much has happened in the past month I can't believe I have posted more about it all here!
Most of the updates have appeared on the facebook page- Uproar in Pawtucket.
The principal shooting is done and I'm on the third pass editing the rough cut. That's very good news. I could actually have stopped at one or two passes, but I really want this to be the best film I can make it.
I'm shooting for a late summer premiere in Pawtucket.
Stay tuned!!!


It's all shaping up...

Fanny's story is shaping up nicely. I'm 25% done with the rough cut.
And we have a composer/musician who is glad to work with us!
Meet Joe Rizzo- a composer from PA who was once part of a group called Amoeba Crunch. It may not sound too appetizing, but many of his cuts caught my ear and I've been using them as a working score for the film.
I am still looking for more pictures and footage- especially of Fanny's early days, and the zoo in general from 1970 on. I ran across a shot of Bob and Jenny Feather riding Fanny in 1984 and would love to find someone who knows them to see if I can get a good quality print to use in the film.
Please contace me at elephantsinri@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or help you may want to give.
And speaking of help- here's another tip of the hat to all those who participated so generously in the fundraising. We are thrilled to be able to acknowledge you and have you as our partners in the film.
There's a new trailer up on youtube for those who want to hear our Voiceover guy enticing you to see the film.
See it at http://youtu.be/ikh4OHEePRo
Stay tuned for further progress updates....