The latest from Uproar

It's been a dizzy autumn for Uproar in Pawtucket!
We premiered the film at the Pawtucket in two viewings at Pawtucket Public Library, to 80 people.
The paparazzi were there and the crowd enthusiastically welcomed both cast and crew.
After the showings, representatives from two film festivals joined us and asked us to submit Uproar to their events.
That led us to be the opening night film at the Pawtucket Arts Festival Film Festival on Sept. 28th- just a week after the previews. Most of the audience there were filmmakers and they had a lot of good questions about the making of and where we would go from there.
Jamestown Arts Center, which is a pre-screener for the RI International Film Festival, has also asked for a copy of the film.
We've worked really hard on Uproar and I'm proud to say that people seem to get a lot out of the film. The hardest part was to balance all viewpoints- of both those people who loved her and wanted her to stay in Pawtucket, and those who saw her suffering and worked to get her out.
So I think Uproar has a lot to say about wild animals, separation, activism, and love. That's why we sometimes call it- "How do you Love an Elephant?" If you know of any place that would love to screen this film and pay a stipend, please let us know! We'll try our best to be there!

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