It's all shaping up...

Fanny's story is shaping up nicely. I'm 25% done with the rough cut.
And we have a composer/musician who is glad to work with us!
Meet Joe Rizzo- a composer from PA who was once part of a group called Amoeba Crunch. It may not sound too appetizing, but many of his cuts caught my ear and I've been using them as a working score for the film.
I am still looking for more pictures and footage- especially of Fanny's early days, and the zoo in general from 1970 on. I ran across a shot of Bob and Jenny Feather riding Fanny in 1984 and would love to find someone who knows them to see if I can get a good quality print to use in the film.
Please contace me at elephantsinri@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or help you may want to give.
And speaking of help- here's another tip of the hat to all those who participated so generously in the fundraising. We are thrilled to be able to acknowledge you and have you as our partners in the film.
There's a new trailer up on youtube for those who want to hear our Voiceover guy enticing you to see the film.
See it at http://youtu.be/ikh4OHEePRo
Stay tuned for further progress updates....

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