Updates and outlook

Life has been busy here and there is a lot of good news on the Uproar front.
We've got most of our voiceover actors picked for the film, including some great kids, but we hope to have a few more Pawtucket youngsters on board soon.
Unfortunately, the winners of the contest for the best picture haven't given us permission to publish their names so we'll thank them anonymously.
I can't tell how much everyone's generosity has touched us. We're working hard to make sure that the movie repays you many times over!
The money we raised through indiegogo will pay for music, voiceover actors and supplies we need to move the film forward.
Everyone asks- "When will the film be done?" and it's been a hard question to answer, but we now have a solid target date- June 21st!
As soon as we're certain that the final cut looks great, we'll schedule a premiere in Pawtucket for everyone to join.
Please keep us posted on all things Fanny!

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