Hear all about it...

Well, momentum is picking up on the elephants this Spring. I talked today with Bill George, program director of local radio in RI. We discussed this doc and put out a call for participation on air.

The interview will be aired on three stations at three times-
93.3FM Sunday, April 12 at 7AM
94.1FM Sunday at 7.30AM
101.5FM Sunday at 7.30AM

Clearchannel doesn't podcast these programs, so it won't be available on the web, but, if I can get clearances, I'll post it on this blog.

I've also talked to a couple of other participants in Fanny's story and am working to get them on camera. Both of them have original footage of our Pawtucket heroine, too, so I'm very jazzed about being able to use that in the finished piece.

Spent most of the weekend working on the shape of things to come, too, and have finally "seen" the piece in my mind. I think it will be boffo if I can pull it off the way it ran in my mind. There's plenty of room for collaboration here, but I have miles to go before I show the finished piece...

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