New discoveries and upcoming stuff

OK Guys- this is the year Fanny's story gets told on film!

I'm doing fill-in research, writing the script, adding more interviews, begging for more pix, video or visuals (including Slater Park Zoo in the mid-50's and circus pictures from 1958). If you have anything you'd like to show me, please contact me at elephantsinri@gmail.com. Thanks!

I found some great information on the results of the "Name the Animals" contest the city ran when they bought Fanny and six other animals from Ringling Brothers. She was given a very appropriate new name (it was the first of two times her name would be changed), but it obviously didn't stick!

On Sunday, 1/8/2012, I'll be interviewing Tom Keegan, who wrote the song to Fanny that opens the trailer (see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDpym4XGQSg) and his band will perform the popular tune for the camera.
I'm also ordering a copy of the archived TV show "60 Minutes" report on the zoo that was done in 1975. If I can scare up the dough (it costs around $40 just to LOOK at it!) I want to include it in the film. If you'd like to help (and buy a credit in the film along the way), please contact me!

Don't forget to check out our new website at www.rielephants.com and let others know about it!

More as things progress.....

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