Great news!

There's some great news this week about Elephants in Rhode Island.
We've been working for a long time to get a web presence for Elephants in Rhode Island. True, we have this blog, a facebook page, a twitter feed and our own email address, but somehow, things were falling short without our own website.
So- today- after a month or more of intense work, we are delighted to announce that Elephants in Rhode Island now has its own website with pages for our projects as we go along.
It includes ways you can get involved, the details of what the project is all about, and the latest updates from our whole world of RI elephants!
You can find us at http://rielephants.com. Please make sure to check it out and let us know how you like it as well as what features you'd like to see us add.

On another front, I just discovered that there's a trivia team in northern RI called Free Fanny. They compete in trivia nights around the state and are named after Pawtucket's sweetheart, Fanny the Elephant. Turns out they all knew and loved her, and this is the way they keep her memory alive. Way to go, gang! I hope to include them in "Uproar in Pawtucket" the next doc in the series.

More as things progress...

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