Ashaway and a huge surprise!.

Thursday was National Elephant Appreciation Day (for those of you who didn't know) and I celebrated by giving a talk about (what else?) Elephants in Rhode Island at the Ashaway Free Library in SW RI. The kind library staff there enthusiastically hostd the talk. They even made a batch of "Elephant Ear" cookies that disappeared from the table in minutes... The RI Council on the Humanities sponsored the program.
What fun!
We talked about the big elephant stories, I played The Ballad of Baby Roger and both adults and kiddies had some good questions. I had to do a bunch of research when I got home to send them...
Yesterday I checked the email and found an utra-exciting note from a fan who actually visited Fanny the Elephant in her final home at the sanctuary and had video of her there, as well as an interview with her keepers! I'm looking forward to meeting her and seeing what comes up. This has been a big area that I've been missing in the film- footage of her final years, and this would be perfect!
More as things develop....

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