We're live!

It's been an exciting month with Genevieve in the producer's seat. Here are the highlights-
We now have a facebook page (go to "Uproar in Pawtucket" at facebook and "like" us...).
We're on twitter at @uproarpawtucket.
And we are live on indiegogo.com ("Uproar in Pawtucket")!
This crowdfunding site gives everyone a chance to be part of the project! For contributions from $10 up, you can get any number of perks, from postcards and updates, to credits, dvds, private production clips, and invitations to our premiere party. Though the site just gives the bottom line of each increment, you can help us with any amount and we'll love you to death.
I have the trailer almost finished and you'll be able to see it both here and on the indiegogo site as soon as possible.
We're really working hard on bringing the story of Fanny to a wider audience than Roger because it says so much about elephants and our love for them, and what to do with an old elephants when a zoo closes. Please tell everyone you know about the project, and, as usual, share your stories and pictures of Fanny or the Slater Park Zoo with us.
Don't forget- our new email address is- elephantsinri@gmail.com
More later...

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