Another chance for the kids?

I've continued research on Fanny's story, and ran across a series of letters by Pawtucket's 12 year olds lobbying to either keep or give away their beloved elephant.
Now, I'm a sucker for kiddies reading stuff in movies, just as I am for archival footage (of which I am luck enough to have a bunch for this film). So I'd like to shoot a bunch of kids reading these letters into the camera. No costumes needed- it was 1993, after all, and the readers all need to be around 12 years old. Before I put the call out to the general public, I thought I'd ask the readers of this blog to contact me if they know/have any children who would be interested and available to read a letter for me. It would only take about 20 minutes or so, and I'll do all the readings in a day.

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bill sincavage said...

dont know if your still looking but i have a daughter that can read one if your interested my e-mail is sincredsox@yahoo.com