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Elephants seem to be on a lot of people's minds these days. Water for Elephants has opened wide, and, more to the point, The Ballad of Baby Roger has been scheduled for broadcast on RI PBS (WSBE) at 7PM on June 18th. Hooray!
Yesterday I received an invitation from the Ashaway, RI Public Library to be their guest speaker for "National Elephant Appreciation Day" on September 22 this year. Of course, I was thrilled to accept, and will be winding my way to far off Ashaway (about 30 miles, as the elephant flies)that day with my speech and my DVD of Roger in hand. Be there or be square!
But that's not the only exposure Roger will be receiving. At 3.30PM on May 27th, Roger will be dancing his way into the hearts of one and all at the Providence Athenaeum in Providence. I've been invited by the children's librarian there to chat about him and show the movie, so it will be a story straight from the children of 1893 to the kiddies of the 21st century.
In the meantime, I am working (slowly) on Fanny. I have engaged a fundraiser to help me get some bucks together and we'll meet this week for a strategy and policy session. If you would love to help on the project, get in touch with me through this blog or at tapit@care2.com

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