Here comes the Press

Two articles in came out in the local press today bringing the elephants' stories to a wider audience. It shows how differently the same material can be covered.

I was thrilled with the South County Independent's survey of Roger and the whole project. I was delighted to meet the writer briefly at the actual premiere, and he did a bang up job of getting the word out to his audience. Read the story at http://www.scindependent.com/articles/2011/03/03/arts_and_living/doc4d6fbb0920be9932659438.txt

The other story, in the Jamestown Press, gave the story a more island-centric slant which was very cool to read. A few facts were off, but overall, I was delighted that it got Roger's story around the island. And I really loved the title.
See it at: http://www.jamestownpress.com/news/2011-03-03/News/Local_filmmaker_exposes_the_elephant_in_the_room.html

More as things progress...

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