What came after...

Premiere Day went off without a hitch. The Museum was stuffed (forgive the pun) and we went into a second showing of Roger for an overflow crowd. I was honored to see that even the elephant manager from the zoo, Jen Warmbold, was there! Unfortunately, I didn't know she was in the audience until after the show was over. If I'd known, I would have called her up to field questions from the crowd.

Since then, I've given two interviews with local reporters who are interested in the project as a whole. They asked some great questions and I'm eager to see the results of our conversations in their next issues at The Jamestown Press and The South County Independent.

Roger's video is now available on Amazon.com, which is pretty thrilling, and the book that goes with it, The Ballad of Baby Roger is available from me personally (I'll even autograph it for you!) at tapit@ care2.com.

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