Premiere Day!

Tomorrow is Roger's premiere at the Museum of Natural History in Providence. This is all very exciting for me and for the others who are involved. Because the actors all worked for credits, this is my chance to give back to them by making them all stars! (I wish I had a red carpet for them!)

The Ballad of Baby Roger is now available on DVD at Amazon.com, right alongside of "The Ballad of Easy Rider" and a three CD boxed set of "Memories" by Elvis. Quite the company!

The first viewer reviews are in and included this kudo from Chicago- Great story, well told, and nicely put together.

The weather report for tomorrow is dicey. Snow is supposed to be coming in at precisely the few hours we need for the premiere and set up, etc. I'm crossing my eyes and fingers that the weathermen, who are so often wrong, will get it wrong this time...

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