A milestone and more support

I received a check the other day from my Hawaii-based supporter- Ron Schaeffer. It was big, and it was a real kick in the pants to get going (once again) on the stalled project. That, and the fact that someone at the gym called out "Go get the elephants" today as I was walking out the door. They'd seen the interview I did on local TV and are now eager to hear all of the elephant progress.

So with all of this encouragement, I finished the rough draft of the Roger script today! It's pretty ragged, but is actually tight enough that I could put together the film from it tomorrow if I had to! What a relief!

I'm also still working on the book and have a volunteer to read the chapters as they come off the computer. Because books are so much more detailed that movies, it takes longer to put them together, but I have faith...

More as things progress...

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Ashley Jermaine said...

Thank you Patti for the opportunity to appear in your latest project! It's people like you that keep history alive and well with "Elephants in Rhode Island". Thank you!!
Ashley Jermaine