And the hits just keep on coming

More news from my newly-involved friends. Bob Wilhelm sent me the link to a souvenir booklet from Narragansett that had a picture of Roger taking his first swim! It also ponied up with quite a bit of info on the Roger Williams Park Zoo menagerie at the time of the young prince's reign. This is too good. Who knows how much more stuff is out there?

Focusing on just one of the stories to begin with has been really helpful. I'm tweaking that chapter of Elephants In Rhode Island; the Book as I go along. But since I'm coming up with more graphics, I may be able to move out sooner than I expected with the movie.

Speaking of which- I got the LOC disc of A Unique Race that my kickstarter supporters bought for me. Unfortunately, the shots were taken from the front, which automatically slows down the action, so it looks more like A Unique Stroll, but what the hey. It is, in fact, unique, and connected with the project at hand.

More as things progress...

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