Moving along by going back...

This morning I started perusing the notes from the script meeting I had early last month with my mentor/producer up in Boston. I instantly got jazzed again and am going a-hunting for more visuals today. I began assembling footage as a new project on my desktop editor this weekend, and seeing the elephant and kiddies and pix was enough to energize me a lot.

I will be shooting another pint-sized reader for the Roger movie today, and am really looking forward to it! It's time to put the casting call in NEFilm.com and nail down the audition details in Cranston.

If anyone has historic stills of Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, or .wav files of kids laughing and playing outdoors or images of turn of the century (19th to 20th century, that is) circus posters and would be willing to have them be part of the Roger Movie, please contact me at tapit@care2.com!


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