Up to Chepachet- again

It was off to Chepachet again for a chat on camera with Edna Kent, Glocester's Town Historian.

I stopped at the Town cemetery on the way and located one of the shooter's graves with no problem at all. I wasn't at all surprised that Albert Eddy's impressive grave didn't mention a thing about his role in the historic elephant killing. I intend to go back to hunt the rest of the gang down, though Fenner Eddy (his brother and the main shooter) is, in fact, buried in upstate New York.

After our interview, all three of us headed out to follow the footsteps of the famous pachyderm. Even though the town has changed in a lot of ways from 1826, there were plenty of traces of it as it may have appeared back then. Heading down Tanner's Lane was a real time travel experience.

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