Has it been this long?

I've been working a lot on Roger these days, and even have a rough cut of part of the film done that I've submitted to some of my most trusted advisors for comments. Because of the fact that a real mover and shaker has taken an interest in the film, I expect it to be done and ready to go quite soon! True, I got behind and then got involved in teaching, but now I'm really ready for the final push.

My apologies to my kids and others who've taken part in Roger's story. I know it's driving you crazy as well waiting to see the final result of your hard work.

Along the way, I've had camera/mic problems that drove me nuts, but which I've now corrected, and some major editing set backs having to do with a tech glitch and the fact that I have had to use an awkward computer ganging system to get the job done.

In the meantime, I've become acquainted with a fellow elephanteer in Watertown, MA, who has a really interesting project of her own. We'll be meeting in person in the next couple of weeks to see how we can support each other. Her name is Miranda Loud and her website is www.theelephantproject.org

Later- but not much...

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