From DC to Jamestown

A short trip to DC during inauguration yielded far more than chilblains and cheesy Obama trinkets.

I talked with my sister-in-law, an experienced historical researcher of local records, about my troubles finding court records of the 1826/27 trial in Chepachet, which resulted in the conviction of five and the assessing of a fine on them of $1500for the loss of Bette the Trained Elephant. Apparently there weren't public trial transcripts in those days, in general, and if there were, they weren't high on the "seal it and shelve it" list. I have a plan for those records, and not being able to find anything has been driving me nuts... She suggested the State Archives. I felt like a dunce, of course, for not having thought of them before, but this AM I contacted them first thing. The folks over there were incredibly helpful and pointed in the direction of the Judicial Records Center up in Pawtucket where an enthusiastic employee by the name of Andrew Smith got on board and is stalking the stacks for helpful info as we speak.

I also lunched with an old friend and accomplished intellectual properties lawyer and in between gossip we discussed copyright and licensing issues. Of course they're byzantine, but that's why lawyers were invented. When I told him that I was beginning to wonder if I were scattering myself in too many directions in this project, he added his comment on the last post. Thanks, Rich!

So we move apace, even in the deep freeze. More as things develop...

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