A grant and some questions

So the RI Council on the Humanities has given the nod to a research grant for Elephants! I'm really energized, because this means that others see the value behind the project and it's not just my own personal quirk that keeps it going. So after a month of holding my breath, I now feel ready to plunge into the world of elephants, their keepers and those who love them.

I have to admit, though, that after watching plenty of footage on the mistreatment of elephants in circuses on Youtube, etc., I am a little anxious about what this whole thing is going to do to me. Will I find it so painful I won't be able to continue? Unlikely. After all- this is about the elephants, and about our relationship to them in the microcosm that is Rhode Island. If by making this doc I can increase awareness of the elephants' plight, fab. If not- at least I can keep them on the radar. That's my job. I'm not making a "save the elephants" doc. I'm telling/showing history.

A few driving questions at this point:

Where is Betty buried?
Has anyone ever found the burial place of Tarza- a famous elephant that died of cancer in Providence?
Is AI good for elephants?
Why do we love elephants so?
And, by the bye- why didn't mastodons and mammoths hang around Rhode Island in the first place?

More as things progress....

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